Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today, after over 2 weeks on the island we got the internet at our home on a dial-up connection. Our home is about 30 minutes from Kolonia on the East side of the island. We live between Uh and Sapwalap. Previous to today, we had to drive to town to connect to the internet.
We have had a mission car some and a Records Preservation car for other times, but so far not one assigned to us. So far it has just been a loaned car from someone that didn’t need it as badly as we did. They are working on something better for the future.
This Pohnpeian Island is absolutely beautiful. The amount of growth is staggering to a Wyoming Cowboy and his wife. Everything is green on both sides of very narrow roads and most of the time it is green over head while we are driving.
We are teaching 5 90-minute classes of Institute and Seminary each week and Temple Preparation Classes as well for 4 different Branches. We have loved being in their Branches on Sundays. We have attended 4 Branches for part of the Block each. They have no organ or piano, but sing the songs of Zion in Pohnpeian. We match our vowels to theirs and sing with them. They love it and so do we. They sing so beautifully.
We are learning the language as we go. We can say many things now and Sister Duncan is much better than I am already. The Sister Missionaries gave us about 150 flash cards to practice learning words and phrases.
We are very happy that we are here in Madolenihmw, Pohnpei and for the wonderful experiences we are having.


nita said...

We're so excited you have internet now. It is fun to visualize where you are living since we know the island pretty good. They do sing very beautifully, don't they and they do love the fact you will learn their language. Don't forget to look up Sarina and Saplina and Tiara in Pohn Rochet (Kolonia).
The Murdocks

Notes from Francie said...

It is good to read your blog and know that you have arrived safely in Guam and have been assigned in such a pretty place. It sounds like you are very busy teaching! You both look great! Happy Valentine's Day to you both. We love you, Love, Ken and Francie