Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is actually the back of our house in the jungle. We are living in Madolenihmw, Pohnpei. We are the first LDS Missionary Couple to live in the jungle on this side of the Island. At present we are existing on Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, doing our laundry in a bucket, and taking cold showers because we have no hot water yet.


DiMDiT said...

Dear Elder and Sister Duncan, You are really roughing it right now. I hope you get a few of life's nicities soon, like more regular food (but thank heaven for peanut butter!) and warm showers. Cool water is nice when it is hot. But that stinging shower in cold water is not so great. I love you for going out and sreving the Lord so willingly. You two are the greatest! Love, Sis

nita said...

Hi Duncans, I finally found your blog address. We were surprised that you won't be in Kolonia. Will you have a car? Are you getting a chance to figure things out? Will you have a fridge and stove? We're trying to figure exactly where your new living quarters are. Must be close to the areas you'll be serving. You'll probably meet lots of new people that have just joined the church. We're doing great.
The Murdocks

Mike and Kathy Schern said...

I feel like we are living the same adventure in some ways. We, too, ate lots of peanut butter and bread when we could find it, crackers are a staple. Did find lettuce this week--ship came in. But no tomatoes yet. CES computer and printer did not come close to working, using our computer and bought a printer. People are wonderful, humble, teachable, and the young adults are suprisingly strong in the gospel. We had preschool for @20 teachers and shadow the classes here. They want to do it themselves--great!