Friday, January 16, 2009

We are in Guam and waiting for a Senior Couples Conference on Monday and Tuesday. This is the view out our hotel window. This is Guam in all its glory. Everything smells wonderful as there are flowers everywhere. The humidity is high and the temperature gets up to about 86 each day. We went out walking at 6:30 this morning and it was very nice. We walked for an hour and a half just seeing the ocean roll up in waves. There is a reef out where the breakers end and we walked on the beach and watched the kids play in the water. The water is very warm to the touch and they were having a blast. But it had warmed by 8 when we got back to the hotel and so we were wet from the humitity. The shower felt very good.
We have 5 couples here now so we tend to do things together. They have given us a lot of advice that will help us do the Lord's work better. It is wonderful that we are getting to attend this confernce before we go to our island.

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DiMDiT said...

Hi, Chuck and Sue, Here I am, I finally got around to learning, with Amy's help, how to make a comment on these blogs. Well, how does it feel to be walking on the beach where the water is warm to the touch, when you left Wyo. in a snow storm. Glad to have another way to be in touch. Love, Sis