Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We added this one so that you can see the cafeteria from the walkway outside and see how much snow we have received. I would guess it is 12 inches or more. The yellow is the lights that illuminate the walk way reflection on the snow. I took the shot at dusk with no flash so the snow would not be just bright white and dominate the picture.
We are enjoying our CES training and have prepared and taught inservice lessons already. We have one more day of classes and then we have completed all our training. But we do not leave for Guam until Monday the 12th. We are so anxious to get going; we are really looking forward to teaching on Pohnpei island.


Dave and Jenn said...

So what are they planning to have you do the next few days before you fly out?

Chuck and Sue said...

We do not know! We will be inventing things to do like going to the temple and being taught by the Senior Couples that are coming in to be trained this week. We do have some shopping we need to do before we fly out also.