Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sue wanted me to post this shot of me of my birthday gifts. I got a new Pohnpeian shirt, shorts and a machette. Then she wanted to take a picture. I tried to post it on the 19th but we lost our connection while I was up loading the picture so all I got was the date. So I will try again today; which is Sunday evening, 9 pm.
We had a very good Sabbath today. We attended the Sapwalap Branch. We were the only speakers in Sacrament Meeting there. We had been assigned to speak on Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching, which we did. Then we stayed and attended Sunday School and Priesthood and Relief Society, which were all in Pohnpeian. We have been working very hard on the language and found that we could understand a small amount of what was said. That made us happy!
We drove home and had 10 minutes for a quick sandwich, and then we drove to Uh…about a 10 minute drive. We were supposed to teach a Temple Preparation class there at 2 pm, but no one came except the missionaries who came to translate for us. So they worked with us on the language for about an hour. Then we drove home.
We ate a couple of cookies and headed out again, driving back down to Sapwalap to teach Temple Prep. We had 6 people there at the class. Five actively participated in the reading and asking questions. It was a very good class, but ran too long, as we had to wait while the English speaking locals explained the things we were teaching to the ones who could not understand us.
We got back home at 7 pm and had a light supper and worked on the lesson for this week’s Institute class. Then we spent a little time reading the Family sites, e-mail, and our blog. Now it is bedtime. Tomorrow we must go in to Kolonia to join with all the missionaries on the island to clean and vacuum and wax our vehicles in preparation for Zone conf which is Thurs. We will also do our shopping and pick up our mail while in town.


Robbie and Barb's Family said...

Hey guys! It sounds like a great start to a mission in paradise! It is so cool that you have this opportunity, and are sharing it on the web for all to see! Not sure what I would think about having to install grates to keep the rats out... I guess you just do what you have to do, huh!

nita said...

It is so great to hear about your adventures. We surely understand about fresh lettuce/tomatoes etc. When you try to download a picture to email have you downsized them. On dial up it takes too long, I think, to send a full blown picture. Those "lizards" are probably geckos and they eat spiders and bugs and flies and mosquitoes so you probably don't want to take them out of your house but let them stay. They are harmless and very helpful. We loved seeing them run around our apartment and one lived in our shower for over a week. No problem. :-) There is a great bakery right next to the dollar store and the best place in town to get wonderful bread. It is just before you turn into the village where all the crafts are made and Sarina and Saplina live--PohnRokiet. Not sure on the spelling. Ask the Elders.
Have a wonderful zone conference. We think of you all the time and hope all is well.
The Murdocks

Anna-Liisa said...

Love to hear about you adventures. Thanks for posting.