Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday February 16, 2009

It is Monday evening. It’s been a good day. We shopped in town and found real, fresh TOMATOES and LETTUCE!! BIG surprise! So we bought one tomato and a head of lettuce. Came home and had real, American HAMBURGERS for lunch! Man! That tasted SOOOO GOOD! Even had some potato chips with our burgers (some foreign kind called Oishi, cheese flavored, not too bad) and fresh homemade lemonade. Man, it is sooo nice to eat something that familiar! Of course, we had no ketchup or mustard, but used Thousand Island dressing instead. And we had no hamburger buns, so used bread instead. Then we studied for a while. While I was studying in the office, I noticed a medium-sized lizard on the wall. I called Chuck in and we tried to chase it toward the air conditioner, hoping it would go out through the wall there, but instead it ran behind the dresser. So we gave up. Later I saw him again. This time Chuck brought the net in and attempted to grab him. He got hold of the lizard’s tail, which promptly came right off!! Poor lizard! Chuck caught him and headed to the door to release him outside. As he headed out he asked me to go get the tail. So I returned to the office and there on the floor was the tail….MOVING all over the place!! Wiggling and jumping around! I about died! We laughed. Chuck came back in and got the “still alive” tail and took it out with the lizard. I still can’t get over how funny that tail looked moving all over the place, unattached to the lizard! WEIRD!!Then we ate a light supper, since our lunch was so late. Had canned peaches and bread and butter and Chuck had a glass of milk. Then we each had two cookies. We worked on our language flashcards for a while. I got all 71 right, Chuck got 55 right. Now Chuck is making up more Permethrin to kill bugs and I am here typing. Today I got my talk ready for Sunday, and my institute lesson ready for Tuesday. Now I need to get started on the Seminary lesson for this week. Sometimes it is kinda confusing to be teaching institute from Galations and Seminary from Romans. Two weeks later we are again teaching Galations, but this time to the Seminary classes. It is hard to keep it all straight in our heads. Seminary goes straight through the New Testament, but Institute jumps around in no particular order. It just teaches concepts and principles and uses New Testament scriptures, as well as Book of Mormon scriptures and D&C too.Man! It has really rained today. Just started again…probably the 12th time it has rained today. And it really pours down HARD! We love it. The natives take it all in stride. They have lived with it all their lives. Tomorrow we will put up metal grating on two of our living room windows so we can keep them open at night and rats won’t get in. That sure will help cool down the house at night!

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