Saturday, November 10, 2012

Overcoming obstacles

We had a baptism last night.  Two sisters were baptized.  Elder Duncan went up to the church at 11 am to get things ready and help the Elders fill the font.  The building was very cold.  As they began to fill the font, the water was simply not warm enough.  As it went into the font, the cold font cooled down the warm water.  And it was filling very slowly.  The 50 gallon water heater just couldn't do the job.  So Elder Duncan stayed up there all day, heating 2 large canners and a roaster full of water on the stove in the kitchen, and then dumping them into the font and refilling and reheating them.  By 7 pm there was barely enough water in the font and it was not warm enough.
But lots of people came, and the two girls were baptized.  We stayed and ate snacks and visited and had a delightful time.
There is another baptism scheduled for Nov. 24, and we sure are hoping we can find an easier way to fill that font with warm water!!
We are enjoying the opportunity to teach with the Elders.  There are so many young mothers who are at home with their little ones.  They are willing to have the Elders teach them, but the Elders cannot go in their homes without another Priesthood holder.  So we join them.  Lately we have been doing a lot of teaching with the Elders.  We have great Elders here, Elder Henry and Elder Layton.  Fine young men and hard-working missionaries.  Our mission is aiming for 20 baptisms in November, and it looks like Summerside will provide 2 of those!
We have started a Family Home Evening group of single adults and empty nesters.  We have a non-member lady that comes every week, and this next Monday she will be teaching the lesson!  We also go out to visit members and correct the information on their church records.  We love it here in Summerside.  Lovely place with great people!

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