Friday, August 10, 2012


The Mission President called and told us that we are being transferred to the Summerside Branch on Prince Edward Island.  That is "Anne's Island"  (Anne of Green Gables, of course!).  It is beautiful over there.
The Summerside Branch is a small branch, much like Amherst.  Many of the same struggles.   But good and dedicated people.   We are happy to serve wherever the Lord calls us to serve.
   We will miss the good people here in Amherst.  We have loved our time here.  We have grown close to some of the people and it is hard to leave them.  But a great couple is coming in to take our place.  Elder and Sister Steffen have been serving in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  They will replace us, and we will go to Summerside to replace Elder and Sister Bryan, who are on the ferry today headed for Corner Brook to replace the Steffens. 
We will leave Amherst on Aug. 16, and I was afraid we would miss the blueberry harvest, as it usually begins on Aug 15.  But this year, with the heat and lack of rain, the crop matured early.  So today Harold and Lily Pettigrew took us out to see the harvest and pick some berries ourselves.  It was a fun adventure, and I now have 20 cups of just-picked wild blueberries in my freezer.  While we ARE leaving behind many things for the Steffens, I don't think I can bring myself to leave those blueberries!  I guess the Pettigrews will just have to take the Steffens out picking!  Then THEY can have an adventure, too!
The Lord's work rolls on here in Atlantic Canada.  We have great missionaries here.  Next transfer we have 14 more coming in, and only 4 leaving for home.  So areas that have been closed can be reopened.  Also, we have more couples coming in.  It seems more couples are choosing to serve missions now, and that is wonderful.  We sure do need them!

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