Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, we got all the lizards out of our house for over a week. But last Thurs morning when I opened the door to the back porch, a large lizard came dashing in and disappeared under the stove. So we knew we were hosting another lizard guest. The next evening, as I was standing in the dining room, I heard a "splat" at my feet, and there was the lizard....he had just fallen from the ceiling! He quickly scurried away.Then yesterday morning as we were getting ready for church, I was at the kitchen sink and I could hear a funny noise. Like a scuffling on wood. Suddenly the large lizard, with a smaller lizard in his mouth, dropped from the top of the kitchen cupboards and landed on the counter right beside me. Obviously, the two had been fighting and lost their footing. They separated and each scurried off in a different direction. Later that day Chuck caught the large lizard and escorted him out of the house. I wonder if we will have lizards in our apt in Chuuk?? Well, I'd rather have lizards than large ugly spiders!! Except, lizards leave their droppings all mice. Yuck!


Terry T said...

so glad to be able to keep up with you, two...! Sister Leithead is failing, Steve just told probably have already heard..but i thought you would want to know...she got sick right around her birthday and they decided to seek no treatment...sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way! sister trombley

nita said...

What a new and different adventure awaits you two in Chuuk. We heard lots of things about Chuuk. Good luck. We'll be excited to learn how it differs from Pohnpei. Sad that you are leaving that beautiful island but you'll love your new island too.
We're doing great and starting to figure out a little of the language.
Love The Murdocks.

Chuck and Sue said...

No we had not heard so we appreciate you telling us about Lillian. Please keep us posted we pray for her all the time. She is such a wonderful lady.