Friday, March 6, 2009

We received an e-mail this morning confirming that we will be transferred to the Island of Chuuk (pronounced Chook) on the 15th of March. We have known about this for over a week, but President Dowdle asked us not to speak of it till he had a chance to visit the Island of Chuuk and talk to Elder and Sister Warner, the couplee there, about their move to Yap. We do not know what our new address will be yet, we will post it as soon as we know it.

We have suppected all along that there would be a change on Pohnpei. We had 2 couples here on Pohnpei. Elder Miller on Yap, had a heart problem and they had to go home to have a stint put in. So they have not had a couple Yap for a month. So to our surprise, the couple on Chucck, Warners, is being transferred to Yap and we will be going to Chuuk. We had guessed that it would be Elder and Sister Riding here on Pohnpei that might be going to Yap as they have been here for 8 months. But the Lord saw it differently.

So it looks like we will be learning another new language. Sue had about 150 words and phrases and I had maybe 120 that we could use. But that will all go by the wayside now and we will learn to speak Chuukese instead.

We have loved our time here on Pohnpei and have taken some great pictures to bring back memories in the future. But our 7 weeks Pohnpei will be a very short time of our 23 month mission.

We look forward to teaching the people in Chuuk and we know there are more native teachers there so we will also be doing inservice there for those teachers also.

We fly out on the 15th and will get to spend some time with Elder and Sister Warner before they fly out on the 17th. That will surely help us get our feet on the ground in Chuuk. So it is pack up for another airplane flight, but a new wonderful great adventure is awaiting us there.

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