Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday the 15th update

We taught our last 2 Institute classes on Tuesday, our last Seminary class at 4 PM on Saturday and 4 Temple Preparation Lessons today (which is Sunday the 15th). So we are done teaching on Pohnpei unless someone changes their mind about us leaving. We have Monday to pack and clean and finalize things in Kolonia. Then Tuesday we fly to Chuuk to start again.
We have talked to Elder Kuss, who is from Chuuk, and he has given us some pointers about the language and we have learned some words already. We will have to see how that goes. There are many islands there and there is a different language on each island. So it will be much harder to know what to learn.
We told the Lord that we would go anywhere He wanted and do whatever He wanted us to do there, so we are looking forward to this new adventure. We know a little bit about what our schedule will be on Chuuk and we will be VERY busy the first 2 weeks or so. We will post an update just as soon as we can, but it might not be until late March.


Anna-Liisa said...

Well good luck with everything, hope it goes smoothly for you.

nita said...

We're so sad that the people of Pohnpei don't get to have you for more time, but the Chuukese are lucky.
Lots of blessings will come your4 way for your good attitude.
Elder and Sister Murdock