Monday, November 15, 2010


On November 13, 2010 we did an S&I social in Sapuk. This was for about half our students, just the ones which live on Weno Island. About 75-80 young people attended. We began with a short meeting, then we had a carnival and the kids had fun with ringtoss, bean-bag toss, a scripture mastery activity, Limbo, and puzzles (Mormon-ad posters, cut into pieces). After a while we got volleyball started and then set up two tables of ping pong. The kids had a good time. The District Presidency provided meals for all of us, and then we handed out cookies.

Our S&I Supervisor came and brought a video. As you can see, the kids really enjoyed it.

Suetriann tossing a beanbag. The object was to land one beanbag on a Chuukese word, and the second beanbag on the matching word in English. If you were successful, you got a candy!

The scripture mastery game "Run to the Board" was a hit! Here two girls from the Mwan branch compete to see who can write the correct reference first and get a candy!

Brandy Henry from Mwan and Suetriann Ande from Sapuk ready to "run to the board"! Notice that each of them is trying to hold the other one back.

Osimichy Kata of Sapuk, trying his skill going under the Limbo bar.

The carnival. The kids had fun and enjoyed the candy "prizes" they won.

The ring toss game was very popular. There were 17 questions that the students could answer, depending on which number they got. Questions about church history, scripture mastery, and local church leaders.

Freddie Nicerio, our S&I supervisor from Guam, and President Matasio Wainis, the District President.

Ensenina Stanley and Niena Kin from the Mechitiw Branch.

Three young ladies from Sapuk. Suetrian Ande, Elaine Choffat, Soreana Onno.

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Libby Clarke said...

You always do such fun things. We are planning a scripture mastery activity here on Guam in February. I will go back over you blog postings to get ideas for the games. You are going to leave such a hole in Chuuk when you go home!!!!