Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seminary and Institute on Chuuk

We have almost completed our first month of Seminary and Institute classes for the 2010-2011 year. We have visited all the different classes and we remembered to take pictures of most of them, but not all. I will post the ones that we have pictures of and when we go back again I will take pictures, if I remember. Then if I remember I will post them later.

We have over 100 kids registered in Seminary and Institute in Chuuk right now. They are attending in 9 different classes on 4 different islands. The District Presidency tries very hard to have local teachers do the teaching. So we help them learn what needs to be done and how to do it. We meet with all the teachers once a month and have them come in by boat to attend. We teach a 2 hour or 2.5 hour inservice meeting. But we involve the teachers heavily in that. They do part of the teaching, using their own experiences to help others learn.

These are our teachers, gathered in Mwan's new building for our Inservice Meeting.

These are the Students that attended Mechitiw's Seminary and Institute class. They are a great group of kids. The boy on the left does a lot of translating for us if we need him to. He is good with both Chuukese and English.

This is Mwan's Institute class. They are a wonderful group of kids and Sandra Matisima is a wonderful teacher. She has taught for many years, both Seminary and Institute.

Romanum's class is being taught by Missionaries because their teacher quit before the first class of the year. But they think they have another teacher now so the Missionaries will not be the teachers, if the individual accepts the calling.

The Missionaries (one on each side) teach in Sapuk. It is a combined Seminary and Institute class and they took most of the honors at last years Scripture Chase. But it was a different set of Missionaries teaching back then. They have great class participation and love their class.

Mwan's Seminary Class is our largest one. They only had 13 here this day, but most of the time they have about 23 attending. Oriko Ewar is a great teacher and she has a lot of enthusiasm which carries over to the kids.

This was our smallest class. There are 2 girs in the class and the teacher. I was explaining some things to them when Sister Duncan took the picture. The teacher just graduated from Seminary last year and she is only 17 years old.

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Jenn Duncan said...

We love looking at the pictures and reading about all the work going on there. Bethany had fun finding "Mema" and "Papa" in the pictures too. :) Love you both!