Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Saturday April 17, 2010, we had our Namoneas District Scripture Mastery Activity for all of the Seminary Students in the Chuuk Branches and it was a huge success. We had about 70 kids there of the 100 that are registered and we feel that is very good because some of those that registered early in the year have moved away.

These are the kids gathered to enjoy the events of the day.

We met in the old Mwan Chapel and they just sat on the floor. We had an opening exercise and I conducted that. Then Sister Duncan explained in Chuukese all the different games they would be playing. We had seven games to start with. They had the ring toss, Limbo, a beanbag toss, Run to the Board, puzzles that they put together and then read to the teacher, and one we called open your books. It is like real scripture chasing. Then we had a place for the students to go and pass off the scriptures they memorized. We had 34 Scriptures passed off and that is far more than we thought we would get. All these 7 things were going on at the same time and the Students could go to any game that they wanted to participate in any time.

This is the target for the Bean Bag Toss.

After the interest waned a bit, we opened up 3 new games at the basketball court; shooting free throws, serving volleyballs and racing with ping pong balls on a spoon. We set up a square of chairs and they had to serve a volleyball into the middle of them. If they made it they could pick which book the scripture would come from. If they knew the reference they got a candy. All of the games worked that way. If they knew the scripture reference they received a reward of a little wrapped candy or cookie. If they didn’t know the reference to the Clue, the teacher would help them and then they had to repeat it back to the teacher 2 times and then they got the candy. So it was a learning experience as well.

This is the Ring Toss

After the games we had them come back to the chapel and they sat on the floor with their own branch. Then we did some practice Scripture chasing where they could help others on their team. Then we did an individual speed challenge. The first two that got the right scripture up in the air got their name written on the board for points for their Branch. We were so impressed with what they could do. Sapuk branch took top speed and Mwan came in Second. But it was a lot of fun and they really enjoyed it.

This is Run to the Board and write the Reference.

We then handed out certificates for the Exceptional students. The teachers in each Branch suggested names for students that had at least 80% attendance, participated well in class, tried to learn the Scripture Mastery Scriptures, and read in the book of Mormon. We gave each of them a hard cover Triple Combination book of scripture which the District President had written them personal statement in the front of the book. We gave each a certificate that had their name on it as a "Chon Sukkun mi Fakkun Angangoch". Translated it says, "A Very Hard Working Student." and then our family had sent things we could give out as gifts, so they could each pick a gift they would like to have. It was like Christmas. They loved it.

This is the Limbo event.

We handed out certificates for the fastest individual and Branch in the Scripture Chase and the one that had memorized and passed off the most Scripture Mastery Scriptures.

This is the Students passing off memorized Scriptures.

The District President, President Tarsi Wainis, talked to the Students for a half hour about the good Seminary would do for them. We fed them lunch and a bottle of water. Everyone was very satisfied. We passed out the end of the animal crackers with the meal.

Here the students had to put a puzzle together and read the scripture that was on it.

We got some little kids, 6 to 8 years old, that were just hanging around to help us clean up the candy wrappers and we gave them some candy for a reward.

It was a wonderful time and I will bet that years from now they will still be talking about the Great Scipture Mastery Activity they had in 2010.

Here they served the Volley ball into a ring of chairs to earn treats.

We think this is the biggest event we will put on while we are on Chuuk. We think Graduation will be a cake walk compared to putting all this together. We are just thrilled that it is over and the kids loved it so much. Now it is encouraging Students to finish the year with good attendance and helping them learn all they can about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are wonderful young people and we love working with them and their teachers.


David & Viola Ricks said...

Wow!!! Impressive! Probably the biggest event we did was the District Primary Activity. It didn't turn out so perfect---even though we had planned well, there was a typhoon close by that day. I have never been so wet in my life. It was a hoot to watch the children do their track and field events in 6 inches of water, and pouring buckets. You are amazing! I never quite mastered the language. I tried hard, but words and phrases were all I could do. Never quite could get the sentences together. How did you do it? A tutor? Good for you. Your activity looked SO WONDERFUL.
You must be Seminary and Institute missionaries. We were actually proselyting missionaries---but took care of Seminary & Institute on the side. :)

nita said...

what a fun Scripture Mastery activity. You must have worked long hours on it. Isn't it wonderful when the kids come and learn and enjoy. We're very impressed that you speak well enough to explain the games. You truly have a gift of tongues. They will never forget you.
The Murdocks

Chris said...

Wow, this is great. I can remember trying to do the same thing when I was an elder there in 95-97. We didn't have that type of success. Maybe only 20 students and a bunch of other people that just showed up for the food.
How are the people of Mechitiw doing? Especially Willey Stanley and Willey Weita? I know one of the Stanley girls live in the States now.
Send my love to them. They would remember me as Elder Pwipwi (Hale). Especially Willey Stanley. My companion at the time help reactivate him and his family.
Kete kan non nom non kinamwei!