Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I love the boat ride to the outer islands when the water is like glass. It is such a thrill to ride with the wind in your face and enjoy the sights and sound. The two outboard motors are running full out and they just throb together. I love the ride to the islands when the ocean is rough because it is like a carnival ride with tummy ticklers and adrenalin pumping moments. But mostly I love going to the outer islands because the native appreciate us so much and seem to love to have us there. It is extremely rewarding.

I love the way Sister Duncan can cook so well with what she can buy on our Island and make it taste so good. She is very concerned about us having a balanced diet and so we are eating healthy and are doing well.

I dislike the way Sister Duncan reacts to the flea bites. She has had as many as 20 on one leg and they itch so badly. It has been a real challenge for her. But she has been a real trooper about it. We will be needing more itch erasers soon though. On Sunday, the Branch President started the meeting with 13 little kids under the age of 8, a teenage boy and 4 Missionaries counting us, AND #3, Yes, 3 DOGS walking around in the room. They stop and scratch a lot so you know they have fleas, and they just scratch them off so they crawl around looking for their next victim. I have sprayed everything including our truck a lot trying to control them. Sometimes I make headway and she may go days with out bites, but they come back with a vengeance.

I miss my Kids and Grandkids. I would not have believed that it would bother me as much as it does. When we are not using the computer, I have it popping up pictures of you all randomly so that I see you when you were young and also the most recent pictures we have just down loaded off the sites. It is wonderful when you post new pictures so we can see how the kids are growing and what they are doing. I save many of them to the screen saver. What a blessing my family is to me.

I love the time I have had to study in the book of Mormon; both the Chuukese one and the English one. I have had lots of time to really learn. I have read it entirely from cover to cover 3 times and am in Alma on the 4th time through now. I have translated many, many verses from the Chuukese one so I would learn the words and understand how they put their sentence together. A mission forces you to study and learn the principles that bring true happiness into your lives. I have learned a lot.

Now because this is talking about things that are important to me, I want to say how important it is for everyone to be obedient to the gospel principles. Pray every day and love the Lord with all you heart. Please attend you meetings and put in the effort to feel the spirit while you are there. He wants only the best for you and will inspire you with what you need to do to truly enjoy the life He has given you. Follow his plan and he will guide you in the decisions you make here on earth and for the life to come and we, together, will be able to live with Him for all eternity.


Amy said...

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sue,
I love you very much and love to read about your mission. You are in a beautiful place. Astounding.

DiMDiT said...

I love you too, and I love that I have a brother who is willing to serve the Lord where ever he and his sweet wife are sent, I love the Gospel and the wonderful things it has done for our extended family. And I amd grateful everyday for all of my family. I hope you continue to love your mission! Sis

Mom said...

Hi Sue & Chuck,
Hope you are well. Sorry I haven't checked in with you for awhile. I thought I'd let you know that Harold pased away in his sleep last night (3-1-2010) I knew you both would want to know. I don't know anymore as I haven't talked with Sandie or Judy yet. Love you both lots and hope things are going well. Love, Kris