Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are in Amherst, Nova Scotia

We spent a week driving east in mid-September and now we are settled in our apartment in Amherst. Elder Duncan has been assigned to serve as the Branch President in the Amherst Branch. It is a small branch, but the members are very friendly and loving. The weather has been just gorgeous since we arrived, but we hear that they have pretty severe winters here. We brought lots of winter clothes, so we are ready! The leaves are turning colors and every day the scenery looks more and more stunning! The town is very quaint and lovely and the folks are soooo friendly!! Lots of large, old, gorgeous homes. There is plenty of shopping, with two large grocery stores, and a WalMart and two other department stores. And lots of restaurants and fast food places. We are thrilled to be here.


Libby Clarke said...

I was so excited when I logged into your blog and saw that you on your mission again. What a change from Chuuk! I look forward to reading about your experiences in Nova Scotia.

DiMDiT said...

It sounds like you did not leave civilization this time. What a change both in shopping oportunites and in the weather. Two extremes! But I bet you do love being the Branch president. so much potentioal there for doing the Lord's work. Love, Sis