Thursday, April 23, 2009

A much-needed update

We have had so many FIRSTS! We hiked up into a high jungle clearing to visit and train a new seminary teacher. He and his wife and 3 children live in a lovely clearing, surrounded by so much greenery and flowers! They have a small home, about 7 by 9 feet. They live off the land and are usually outside. The home is used for sleeping and protection from storms. They are wonderful people. The children are adorable and they all seem very happy and healthy.
We met sitting outside on a mat, but when a storm came up, we all went to the house. It is tiny and humble, but very clean and nice inside. No funiture, but a small hammock-type bed for the infant.
We have traveled to 3 outer islands to train seminary teachers. Took the small boat (26 foot outboard) to Romanum and Uman. Went in the larger church missionary boat to Tonoas. THAT was an interesting experience, since we had no one with us that could speak English. So, once we landed on the island, we were on our own to find the church, the missionaries, and the seminary teacher. We felt like explorers! It's a good thing we had learned enough Chuukese to ask the locals a few simple questions! After the training session, some local kids got some coconuts for us and the missionaries opened them for us so we could drink the juice. Man! That was SO good!
We are learning Chuukese ways. We attended a Branch Family Home Evening, and that was fun. Twice, when attending RS on Sunday, Sue has been asked to teach. So she did. And Chuck taught Priesthood. We have learned to be ready for anything, anytime.
Elder and Sister Hopoate, Country Director, are coming in a few days to help us prepare for the Seminary and Institute Graduation in June. Elder Kinjo, the Area Director, Japan, will attend our graduation, so we need to make sure everything is well-planned.

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nita said...

Wow, Your experiences are so familiar. Sounds like you are the right people for the assignment. Please tell Elder Hopoate and Kinjo Hello from the Murdocks. I'm not sure if they will remember us, but we surely remember them. Good luck on your graduation. We haven't had classes for some time because of the Swine Flu here in Mexico. Church is also cancelled.
Take care and good luck with the Chuuckese language and people.
Elder and Sister Strat Murdock