Monday, December 22, 2008

With the help of Dave, Jenn and Tammy we got the house totally cleaned out Saturday night and all the rest of Tammy's stuff in the van and our stuff in her car. We drove down to Dave and Jenn's, attended the Thermopolis Christmas dinner and spent the night with them.

The road conditions were still good the next morning so we said a very teary goodbye to Dave, Jenn and Bethany and we left at 7:06 AM for Utah. The Lord blessed us with good dry roads 90% of the way and only snow packed for small stretches and slick in spots in other areas. We arrived at 2:56 in Tooele, Utah which is where Greg & Julie, our daughter, live.

It was nice to relax with them all evening. We slept well and enjoyed the day with them today. The only thing we have thought of that we left home was my dress coat, so we did do very well getting away. Our kids here have planned a Christmas Eve party and Sue and I are looking forward to spending Christmas with little kids again. As you can guess we are also very excited about our mission and going into the MTC on the 29th.

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