Friday, November 14, 2008

We got our passports!

The passports arrived, and so did the request for all the information needed to get visas. WOW! They really need to know a lot about you to get you a visa! But we finally put it all together and sent it off last Saturday. We're glad that is done!
We talked to Brother Kinjo, the CES director in Tokyo, a few days ago and he said we will definitely be preparing inservice lessons for seminary teachers. We might also be teaching seminary or institute classes. He spoke very good English. He called at 8:30 pm Wed. our time, but it was 11:30 Thursday morning in Tokyo.
We are still cleaning and dejunking. We are preparing the house for the company that is coming. Tammy flies home from her mission on Wed, Nov 19th at 8:30 pm. Two days later the company starts arriving. We will have a great time together.

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Notes from Francie said...

I can just hear the excitement in your voice! The time is passing very quickly and soon you will be using those passports!! Tell Tammy "Hi" for us and enjoy your time spent with your children! Love, Ken and Francie